Shihan Kai

The house of Shihan

The title of SHIHAN represents a teacher who has reached a certain level both technical both social inside the organization.The recognition of the total is given upon approval of the head instructor and head of the administration of the organization.
SHOU-GOU 称号is the system of the titles of the masters created by the Dai-Nippon Butoku-kai (greater Japan Budo Encouragement Federation founded in 1895 in  Kyoto). It consists of three levels: Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi. The  sho-go assigned is made up of three similar levels and are in the classification of the levels/degree similar to those of the Samurai under the auspices of the Imperial  Japanese family in the Feudalism.

The assignment of the sho-go is based on the knowledge of every individual, teaching skills and the development of an exceptional nature through the study of the martial arts. Therefore it is important to realize that in the modern approach to the martial world, these titles and levels are very hard  to achieve because the conventional levels (dan) are not automatically assigned with the rank of seniority.  The holder of these titles must also to give a significant contribution to the organization.

The shihan kai is a collegiate organ  made up of a small number of SHIHAN chosen to represent every one else and have to role to represent the whole WJJF/WJJKO. The members can vary according to the decisions of the single  membership organizations and their role is to support the Federations in the international activities.

You find below the list of SHIHAN who have gained a presence in our organization for more than six years.