Soke Robert Clark


He is 9th dan of Ju Jitsu. Charismatic and technical chief of the WJJF. He was born in Liverpool on 2nd February 1946 and he  started martial training  when he was 6 years old. His master was Jack Britton. We owe him the real development of ju jitsu all around the world and the promotion of ancient schools through modern methods. At the present he is International Technical Director of WJJKO, organization created for gathering together all ju jitsu styles. He is knight Officer of the Order of the Roman Eagle (3rd May 2006)  Holder of the 9th Dan, Robert Clark is based exclusively at the WJJF Liverpool Dojo. Robert Clark has been developing his own ju-jitsu techniques for more than four decades. The current WJJF syllabus was written and developed by him. Having written several books and produced numerous training DVDs, he is one of the foremost authorities on effective ju-jitsu techniques. Robert Clark is primarily based in the Liverpool Dojo and regularly holds master classes, allowing you the opportunity to train with a ju-jitsu legend. He also frequently travels the world, giving talks and demonstrations in the technique.